Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to the grind

Kurt and I left Wednesday morning at 5AM because I wanted to get home and see my baby (Colt). I missed him so much while we were at the beach. The trip home was a lot faster than on the way there. Thank Goodness! We also wanted to get home because my Meme (grandmother) was in town. Buba (grandfather) was in Cleveland for a follow-up to his 4th open heart surgery. Everything checked out great! I'm sure he is back to riding his bike insane amounts of miles. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents in my life who are perfect role models for their grandchildren.

Thursday and Friday at work were a bit hectic. My computer keeps following apart and I start with my own accounts on Monday, which is scaring me! I'm sure it will be fine, with lots of working these next couple of weeks.

Last night we went to Arrington Vineyards for a friends birthday. This was my first time there, which is crazy since I've lived in Franklin for most of my life. It was beautiful! They have picnic tables, lots of greenery, a band, wine tastings. It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Kind Of Paradise

It's been 2 years since we've been to the beach, and it's been 2 years too long. I'm constantly reminded every time we come here why I love it so much... great friends, great fun, relaxation, shopping, and great food! The first place we went on Saturday when we got here was Pizza by the Sea... FABULOUS pizza! I highly recommend that if you come to Sea Grove you go there. I took a cheese pizza all by myself!

Syd arrived shortly when we got back to the house. The house we are staying in is Mama J's and the Jones' girls! It is so cute... I feel like I've walked into a Restoration Hardware catalog... the look I'm trying to go for at home, but it is taking a while. I love Mama J's taste! Syd, Kurt, and I did some bonding on the beach, possibly had a few too many beeritas or summer beers, whatever you want to call them. Saturday night we ate at a fantastic Mexican restaurant called La Cantina's and last night we had The Old Florida Fish House where I had sushi... yum!

Today Kurt and I went shopping for most of the day. We are both burnt and Kurt doesn't like to soak up the sun near as much as I do, plus I must admit shopping is a wonderful alternate. We hit up Ann Taylor, the Nike, and Under Armour outlets. Dinner tonight was at Captain Anderson's. We go there every time we come because it is right on the water and has fabulous food. On the way home I picked up my new summer read Training Plans For Mutlisport Athletes... awesome right?! Well, hopefully I'll complete an Ironman one day, so this is one of the many steps along the way. Thank you to Greg Beliles for your guidance!  

1 more full day of the beach, then it's back to the grind...

Friday, July 22, 2011


Finally Friday and Free at Last...well at least for the next 5 days! We are headed to the beach tonight. We plan on getting in around 12 or 1, kinda late but at least we will have the entire day ahead of us tomorrow! I plan on drinking me a nice cold one in my beach chair, while laying next to the hubby reading a book. I decided to go with 'Something Borrowed', in which ironically I borrowed from my good friend, Haley. I will follow up later on my review of the book. Something that may surprise you about me, or may have not known is that I love to read! I haven't gotten to as much recently because of work and school, but I hope to dive back into this trip. This trip is going to be about fun and relaxation! We are going to visit with friends, do a little shopping, dancing, and eating! I envision some Marble Slab in my future. Last time we came on this trip I had Marble Slab 3 nights... I LOVE ICE CREAM! Definitely my guilty pleasure! BUT... I also need to keep in mind that my half marathon training schedule insists that I do 9 miles this weekend, which I hope will void out some of that ice cream! I hope everyone has as a fantastic weekend as I plan on having... until then happy Sunning! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christie Baggett Uncensored

This blog is about my life, friends, family, places we go, things we are going through. I will talk about weekend plans, restraunts, clothes, books,  things I love and don't, and will talk a lot on being healthy and my lifetime struggle with weight. It will be completely uncensored, direct thoughts from me. I'm not going to be proper, but truthful and hopefully fun, as that is how my life is. I love my husband, family, and friends very much and hope that my view and positive outlook on life helps you or makes you smile.

$100 Sunscreen

No, I did not spend $100 on sunscreen, but I did go to Target to ONLY get sunscreen and spent $130. One might wonder how on earth that may happen, or feel sorry that my husband has to deal with this. Here is my justifications... because of course everything in my mind needs justification. Kurt and I are going to the beach tomorrow! Yay! Santa Rosa actually, to see my best friend, Syd and her mom who lives there (part time). This is our favorite vacation or thing to do period. We love this trip because it is such a blast! Anyways, back to $100 sunscreen... I get 15 SPF and 30 SPF because everyone burns while spending all day on the beach. Ten bucks says I'll look like a tomato and Kurt will be wearing a shirt by Day 2. I also stumble by the beach towels and think I NEED one of those, then the book section, everyone needs a good read when going to the beach, then I see the clothes... my down fall. There are cardigans on sale, of course a staple for my job that is a building with temperatures that feel close to ten degrees. This is a very practical purchase I am thinking while strolling down the isles of Target.. Then comes the pet department... "Well, Colt hasn't gotten a toy in a while. How awful of a mom am I to not by this poor baby toys?" So, I get him a rubber duck that, today no longer has a head or feet. He also needs a new collar because the one he had was teal and made him look a little girly. Then, I remember we need windex because I haven't dusted in 5 weeks. haha! Not really, but with the new job it is less and less often. I am checking out, seeing the price continue to rise, thinking "ohh no". To make it feel a little painless I have $30 in cash. I am walking to the car thinking, "how am I going to explain to Kurt, my financial savvy, banker, tightwad husband that a quick sunblock trip to Target cost his (really- our, but I don't take it near as personal) precious wallet $100. The thoughts in mind are, 1. wait until he sees it first thing tomorrow morning when he gets to work and looks at our bank account. 2. Just go ahead and prepare him for the inevitable. So, I take the high ride and call him on the way home... "Hey, I just bought a few things at Target that we really NEEDED" (me). "How much did you spend? (Kurt) That's usually how these conversations go. You see, it's not that I spent $100 that he cares about it's that sunblock should not cost that and that in his mind is what I was getting. I am so thankful that he is more practical and likes to save because everyone knows that I like to live for the moment. We tend to balance each other out very well. Kurt likes to have a plan and budgets for everything. I like to buy it if I WANT it, which I usually do. Though, I did put back a necklace I was going to get, but I DIDN'T! For the record, I pack my breakfast and lunch every day for work and am starting to carpool tomorrow to save money.